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do have clear skies. the numbers range from about 30 degrees in the livermore valley and santa rosa to the low 50s half moon bay. 46 downtown. 35 in redwood city with 36 around san jose and los gatos this morning. the numbers will be chilly once again with the clear areas and a little bit of fog perhaps around santa rosa. four mile visibility there with mid-60s today. a little rain to talk about in our seven-day. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. back now to talk about the presidential inauguration. the pomp and circumstance is tomorrow but today is the day that the constitution requires the president and the vice president to take the oath of office. it must happen by 9:00 this morning our time for barack obama to officially start his second term. washington is already abuzz. they are in the party mode. abc is joining us live from the mall in washington d.c. good morning. >> good morning to you, carolyn. you showed it a short time ago that there is a lot going on. president obama and the vice president over at arlington national cemetery. before that the vice president officially took t
at oakland. today's high, 70 degrees. cloverdale, north bay, 6. 65 today in santa rosa. 63 in san francisco. 73, santa cruz this afternoon. interior east bay, temperatures held down a little bit thanks to an east win that brought a little of the central valley fog. 50 in livermore. antioch as well as concord. here's a look at our current readings, starting to drop down a bit. antioch, 58. 60 in san francisco. 57 in novato. 49 in san jose. here's a look out our forecast. we'll continue with cold conditions overnight, also patchy valley fog. the high surf advisory still in place for your sunday, and then it looks lick a distributing of more mild days -- a string of more mild days monday and tuesday. let's touch on the high surf advisory. it's in place until 4:00 tomorrow, strong rip currents, large breaking waves and you can see he current wave heights. they will begin to build overnight and definitely tomorrow morning. here is a look at the closeup satellite. clear sky today but those offshore winds helped to push the high clouds and any other cloudiness well off the coast. so clear sky over
. if you are going to go to the los gatos areas, 60s. and also, 66 degrees expected in santa rosa. your full forecast, coming up. for now, let us cugo back over to marty. marty obama will take the official oath of office. it's a private ceremony being held at the white house. as mandated by the constitution. new video in this morning shows the president and vice president joe biden at a wreath laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery. but tomorrow. the big celebration happens. a second, public swearing in ceremony. which we will carry live. there have been a thousand details for organizers to consider. here's kron four's catherine heenan with more. >> catherine: a few facts about how these crowds will be handled. the u.s. military will be helping park police for the first time ever. the secret service will be working with 57 federal and local agencies. a new app is designed to keep people from getting lost or stuck in overcrowded spots -- which happened in 2009. there's continued concern over whether there will be enough porta-potties. also - a new pastor has been chosen to give t
cold tomorrow. 27 in santa rosa. 30 in napa. 29 in concord and livermore. san jose, 36 degrees. tomorrow again we are expecting another warm day. not as warm as today. a lot of that heating has spread across the area. temperatures tomorrow more uniform across the board. 64 in santa rosa. 64 in livermore. 63 in san francisco. not as wa the mavericks in town for tomorrow. that's when we expect some of the highest surf across the area. the first round begins at 8:00. you can catch this on we will be streaming it all day long. the temperatures comfortable, but not as warm as it was today. 67 for the high temperature tomorrow at half moon bay. as far as your seven-day forecast, the warm weather will stick around for the next couple of days. you'll notice by tuesday, a few clouds drift in. that's going to cool us a bit. the system scoots to our north on wednesday. that will offer a few showers if you live in the north bay, otherwise not a big storm system in the next seven days. there will be a cut-off low that drifts across the pacific over wednesday, thursday, frida
and that was in oakland. but it was 73 in santa cruz. above average in san jose. average high 57 in santa rosa but instead 65. and livermore and fairfield and concord are the cool spot at 60. currently we have 39 degrees already in livermore. we'll have to double check that. 39 also in santa rosa where the winds are still calm at this hour. we're dropping down to the freezing point again in livermore. in fact tonight's lows sub freezing in many inland locations and then we moderate gradually every single night, overnight. this is san jose with the clear skies. we have the high surf advisory tomorrow until 4:00 p.m. cool and cloudy on wednesday with a slight chance of rain. right now, see this right here, this is a good indication that the jet stream is varying over the huge ridge of high pressure providing us with ample sunshine across the entire state. in fact we are talking about uniform numbers, from the mid- 60s to the interior section of the state. 40s in lake tahoe with the forecast of 1 above zero. 65 in monterey bay. getting a good feel for things here. everybody is pretty much in the 60s with thi
to the north in santa rosa. to the south, in san jose, it is currently 59. we do have an offshore wind out of the northeast rotating to the east at 12 miles an hour. in napa, it will be freezing. below freezing in santa rosa. 28 in livermore. tonight, not as cold but still freezing. 40's will be common across the central bay. this is san jose with a veil of high thin clouds. slightly above normal for this time of year. tonight freezing. cooler and cloudy by wednesday. right there, storm track. obviously well to the north of the bay area, due to a huge dome of high pressure that is now just settling in over the western states. as it does so, it's providing us with ample sunshine. and tomorrow, our high temperatures very similar to today. we're talking 60's at the seashore, except santa cruz, topping off near 69 degrees. mids 60's will be common for mountain view back through palo alto. 60 at the delta. and a pair of sixes in downtown san jose. offshore winds continue very slight. it is not a spare the air day, but we will see a little bit of a tinge i
the temperatures are above freezing in oakland. 27 in santa rosa and 35 in san jose. look at the high surf advisory, the entire coast is under this advisory until 4:00 this afternoon. the wave will be up to 20 feet. strong rip currents. if you are headed to the ocean, have a care. as we look live over san jose, sunny and warmer today. 70 degrees plus in the warmer spots? yes! cooler by tuesday. this front will be coming to the bay area. tuesday will cool down and we probably won't get rain until next weekend. low pressure is in the gulf of alaska, staying there for a while. we will look for sunny and mild conditions in the bay area today. a nice, good day to go for a hike. forecast highs we will be looking for them to be in the 60s except for the few location where is it is 70 degrees. out in the east bay we will go with low 60s for the most part. the same will hold true for the north bay. a few mid 60s in sonoma. in the city 61 degrees. in atlanta pretty much the same. 60 at game time with mostly sunny skies this afternoon in atlanta. the extended forecast will go with lots of sunshine right thr
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any cloud cover but we are cold with 30 in santa rosa, good morning napa, 3 is for you. the delta and concord. 36 san jose with 52 half moon bay and 32 gilroy. compared to yesterday morning, we are just about the same. maybe a degree cooler or warmer, depending on where you are. overall we are looking at the stable, chilly temperatures in the morning and then for the afternoon numbers just on the other side of the low to mid-60s. 4-mile visibility around santa rosa. the high surf advisory once again today through 4:00 and then mild afternoon temperatures through tuesday. we will look for this big ridge of high pressure eventually to break down after tuesday. here's a look at the high surf advisory with the swells beginning to build, 8 feet outside san francisco and half moon bay. perhaps up to 20 feet this afternoon with strong rip currents and large breaking waves possible. we have the surface high to the east of us over novato and the flow around the high, the clockwise flow, allowing for the offshore winds once again today. so with that, a little breezy at times. that air mass
rosa. 37 degrees in the san jose. >> we are learning new details football star and his dead girlfriend -- who never actually existed. >> plus a scary situation as a man points a gun at a turkish politician during his speech. it's all caught on camera! stay with us we'll be right back. >> notre dame linebacker manti te'o is insisting that he has nothing to do with the hoax involving his dead girlfriend. this after a recent report revealed that his girlfriend never actually existed. te'o says that 22-year-old ronaiah tuiasosopo. the mastermind behind the scam. recently contacted him and admitted to fabricating the whole thing. te'o admitted he misled the public about his relationship because he was uncomfortable saying it was a purely online relationship. now te'o turns his attention to the n-f-l as he prepares for the draft where many experts expect him to be a first round pick. >> a major water main break impacts to travel and shuts down a road way. this is from the caroline street to manchester route carolyn street to manchester road. kron four's jeff bush is in san leandro with the l
. napa, 40 degrees and santa rosa currently in the 30s. downtown san francisco, there is that 53. san josi in the upper 40s at 47. forecast headlines for tonight, mostly clear skies for sunday and monday. it will be mild for the afternoon hours. we do bring many more clouds by midweek and a dropoff in temperatures. fairfield 28 degrees, santa rosa 29, san josi in the upper 30s, 37. you have to watch out for some patchy fog in the inland valleys for your sunday morning. here we go with the temperature forecast models showing upper 20, 30s and 40s, look at what happened into the afternoon hours. will you see a nice recovery back into the 60s across most of the region. so here is the key headline, it will be warm for your sunday and monday as high pressure remains firmly in control of our weather. offshores winds have been picking up, could be around 15 miles per hour for tomorrow afternoon. there is the range:as far as mavericks the companies for tomorrow metro big contest, pick set up, 15-20. a little bit of a breeze. dropping tides, so ideal tide conditions and lots of sunshine. tempe
. above the average of 57 degrees typically experienced this time of the year. 65 in santa rosa. average high is 56. same story in san francisco. where today it was 63-degrees. ooh isn't that beautiful? coat tower all aglow donning the 49er colors, where currently in san francisco the air temperature is now 58 degrees. the temperatures will still fall to sub freezing many in of the in-- in many of the inland locations like santa rosa. it will be freezing in livermore. 39 in san jose and 36 redwood city but i have to tell you tonight will be the last night of this current cold snap with below freezing temperatures. just slightly above freezing by sunday night going into monday. here we do have a bank of clouds. just riding high over the ridge of high pressure that is that dominant feature for the state of california keeping us on the dry side. tomorrow, just a couple of degrees cooler than what we experienced today. but still, it's an offshore flow out of the northeast. 10 to 15 miles per hour. low 60s in pacifica. low mid 60s across the bay.
the difference. livermore and santa rosa both in the 30's. it's in the 40's in redwood city and in oakland. 51 again in san francisco. tonight, overnight still sub freezing temperatures. santa rosa, fairfield, also in livermore, where this morning it was 29 degrees. nearly 40 overnight. 30's will be common around the peninsula. this will be the last night of subfreezing temperatures. overnight still freezing and otherwise that high surf advisor in place for sunday, including mavericks. first things first. let's pinpoint your extended forecast. cooler, cloudy, wednesday with a slight chance of rain returning right here to the bay area. right now you see this right here? this gives you a good indication where the jet stream is. it's going up around that huge dome of high pressure which is providing us with ample sunshine, not only here locally but along the seashore as well. the rip current risk remains on the high side all the way through the holiday on monday. meanwhile, highs across the state pretty uniform, in the 60's. 50's, yosemite. 65 monterey
a lot farther than what what we are expecting. 33 degrees in napa valley. and in santa rosa. it is freezing and below freezing in concord, livermore, around the bay, it is a little better. san francisco is one of the warmer spots. 70 in hayward and the clear skies and temperatures in the upper 40s and 50s. right around half moon bay. you can see a few high clouds drifting in. and that is going to be about it. we will have mostly sunny skies. soft sunlight and ridge of high pressure still in place. has been like this for the last several days. it just pushes the storm track well to the north. we will remain high and dry. and if you have tomorrow off as well, we will have a mild forecast for you as well. highs anywhere from upper 50s to mid-60s and some of the warmer spots. hitting 70 degrees. and a northeast breeze will kick up. and it could be a little breezy in your neighborhood. especially along the coast for today. wind will be kicking up for the afternoon. 63 in berkeley and mid-60s for san francisco, novato, santa clara valley and barely budged the numbers from yesterda
, 45 in san jose. our coldest spot the north bay, santa rosa at 37. this is where we're going to find our coldest locations tonight with a little frost possible tomorrow morning and a few 20s. we're clear for the most part and will stay clear. temperatures will be similar to where we were today, a few 60s and 70s and that poor air quality is going to continue to suffer because we have been dealing with warm weather, unusual for this time of year. the toyota tahoe ski report this evening, squaw favalley checkin in with 40 inches. and squaw meadow, 66 inches. if you are taking time to head up to the tahoe area, bundle up. even across the bay area tonight, temperatures are going to be cold everywhere you go. some of our coldest locations again there in the north bay, even in the east bay, 29 in concord, livermore as well. tomorrow another bright day but we're starting off cold. it's going to be one of those days where we peak with our temperatures around noon and 1:00. santa cruz, you'll be at 66 and half moon bay will top out very close to 70 degrees tomorrow. the mavericks festival, we
an articulate well meaning baptist minister. is because of rosa parks that we are talking about him today. he opened up -- she opened up the possibility for him to display those qualities that he had and to rise to the occasion. >> host: she also said as you well know that while she was sitting on the bus refusing to give seat she was thinking about emmett till, the young 14-year-old but what from chicago who went to mississippi in 1955 and because he looked at a white woman he was brutally murdered. do you think that changed or sparked anything in the civil rights movement? >> guest: a lot of things did. there was his death. there was the brown versus board of education decision. there was the killing of the civil rights workers. it was people like barbara jones, the young high school student who led a walkout of the segregated schools to protest against the inferior education. that's in 1951. many people we don't even know their names oregon before rosa parks in montgomery. there were two other teenagers who did the same thing. so this resistance largely among young people. >> host: always
at the sweep on top of mount saint helena. very quiet. 33 santa rosa, all the way up to 42 right now in napa. 59 half moon bay. 37 livermore. just within the half-hour numbers have come up significantly. monterey 59 degrees. a couple 70s down there this afternoon. so 24 hours ago we were a little bit cooler. this morning we are warmer so the atmosphere getting into that mixing right now. bringing some of the warmer air are the upper levels down to the surface. of course, we have the warm air at the coast. that mixing is improving the air quality. not a spare-the-air day. we had chilly temperatures this morning. still cool. looking for the high surf advisory through the afternoon and the mild weather continues through tuscaloosa. right now current wave heights about 7 feet right off the coast here. but in the deeper waters we are looking near 20 feet. could get bigger than that. very dangerous out there. looking at the parking lot at half moon bay, it is a very busy place. with the beautiful day, lots of folks will be enjoying the weather the next couple days and this is why. high pressure co
in the north bay, downright cold, 27 in santa rosa. 29 in concord. 29 in limp, as well. up against -- in livermore, as well. up against the coast, 46 in san francisco. tomorrow we're expecting another bright day, temperatures not as warm, but definitely comfortable. 63 in san francisco. 65 in san jose. 65, as well, in walnut creek. of course, we are rooting on our 49ers. here's your official 49ers forecast for atlanta. you'll notice by 11:005 -- 11:00, 55 degrees. by the afternoon, atlanta topping out in the 60s tomorrow. a little taste of the bay area across georgia for you. here at home, again the big news tomorrow, the mavericks, first round kicks off at 8:00 tomorrow morning. we'll be streaming it live on nbc bay area. again, the high surf advisory in effect. temperatures will be warm and comfortable at the coast. mid to upper 60s for many of us. now for the seven-day forecast, warm air for tomorrow even for martin luther king jr. day, we remain bright and warm. tuesday, a few more clouds drift in. a system to our north will bring a few showers to the north for wednesday. not l
upper 20s. for most of the-bay area is. santa rosa, fairfield, with a 27 degrees. 30's in the south bay. hayward, oakland and san francisco. the mid 40's and even though the weather is tranquil. we do have a fierce waves with a high surf advisory. in addition, we will see a strong recurrent for the mavericks' competition. possibly dangerous this weekend along the coast more details on that, coming up. >> the coast guard is warning people to be on the lookout for waves that could be up to 20 ft.! the fight to protect the second ammendment generates passion and anger in pacifica today. why some who normally take a back seat are now stepping plus.similar pro-gun rallies across the country. how social media is playing a role. and the hostage crisis in algeria is now over.we have updated casualty numbers.and what the algerian government is doing right now. thousands of gun advocates gathered today in pacifica to rally against stricter limits on firearms. >> the group included families kron 4's jeff pierce spoke to advocates at the event celebrating their 2nd amendment right. >> pisspeaking t
, my. [laughter] kind of depends on the issue. rosa dehour rest is great on food safety issues. you know, this farm bill debacle, i have to say we haven't had a lot of support from anywhere, certainly not debbie stab now who i used to work with the group who helped elect her 20 years ago, very disappointing, the senator from michigan who we really thought was going to be able to stand up to some of these food companies. so, you know, i think it depends, and i think it's not a joke. people have to keep these elected officials, um, they have to keep them honest. and you have to have their constituency do it, you know? be so that's really what our organizing has to be focused on. >> time for one more. >> okay. >> what are your thoughts on cancer study, organic studies? >> you mean that organic food isn't worth anything and -- i mean, i think that's another study that the industry influenced and paid for. you know, that's the problem, research is for sale. so i don't think much of it. [laughter] thanks so much for coming, really appreciate it. [applause] >> we've known that hauter is th
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is rosa. >> ariel started making the dolls when she was 12 right after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. it keeps her mind off the tumor and at times ariel can barely keep her eyes open. the tumor robs her of energy mobility and memory. she wanted to sell the dolls to help her family out. her father haze bladder cancer and her mother has lupus. tina home schooled ariel's twin brother max who was autistic. after we shared the story people flocked to the exchange to buy a doll by ariel. >> boom miracle on charles street. from the moment it came on television i sold out of dolls. her dolls are on back order until july. >> the next day, more people came to the store when they heard ariel would bring more dolls. >> they actually waited for her to get here for 4 or 5 hours. >> people wanted to get her autograph and have her sign their doll. >> they were from new york and they came all of the way down from new york to see me. he was shocked to see why they came all of the way down. they wanted a doll. so i was happy about that. >>> judy was the first person to call the store when s
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)

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